Shift Symm

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Shift Symm

Audiovisual album consisting of three movements | Audiovisual performance of 30-40 minutes | Digital album |
Released on Establishment: Available as high quality digital video on Sedition, limited to 100 editions per video.
Distributed by LIMA.

The Shift Symm collection is a series of brutal, abstract audiovisual constructions. Raw, exposed electronic textures collide in oscillating patterns of drift. Van den Broek’s sculptural sonic architecture plays on rigorous shifts of compositional symmetry – with results that are both hypnotic and evocative.
Shifting is a key principle in the work. Visual and sonic elements – beats, lines and blocks – perpetually breach the symmetry of their arrangements, switch to new paths and start new trajectories. In chains of transformations, order gives way to controlled entropy.
Shift Symm is presented as a video triptych, a live a/v performance and a digital album.

Performed at: Rencontres Internationales – HKW Berlin – Germany, 2018 / Rencontres Internationales – Forum des Images – France, 2018 / Gaudeamus Festival – Utrecht, NL, 2017 / Bridge Film Festival – Italy, 2017 / Flatpack Film Festival Birmingham – UK, 2017 / Landmark | Kunsthall Bergen – Norway, 2017/ International Film Festival Rotterdam – NL, 2017 Incubate Festival – NL, 2016

Screened at: Antimatter Media Art Festival – CA, 2018 / Punto y Raya Festival – PL,  2018 / New Media Art Festival – South-Korea, 2018/ European Film Festival Palic Serbia, 2018 / International Short Film Festival – DE, 2018 / (h)ear 10 year festival – NL, 2018 / International Film Festival Rotterdam – NL, 2018 / Sonic Vision Nordland – Norway, 2018 / Intermediaciones Festival – Colombia, 2017 / Videomedeja Festival – Serbia, 2017 / Lowlands Festival – NL, 2017 / The Billboard Creative – USA, 2016

Live a/v performance

The live performance of Shift Symm extends on the three video works: merging the triptych into a fluent and intense show. During the performance various parameters of the key elements are being manipulated and components are added or removed, enabling Van den Broek to perform and shape the constructions of Shift Symm according to time and place.


Video triptych

The video triptych approaches the conceptual principles from three different perspectives and presents distinct fundamental shapes and sounds in each video work.
Released on Establishment: Available as high quality digital video on Sedition, limited to 100 editions per video.
Distributed by LIMA.


Shift focuses on linear form. Arrangements shift and distort rhythmically in a textured plane that extends indefinitely, creating waves of noise and roving focal points. As our vista expands, the plane is seen to be one among several, surfaces tangling into emerging textural complexities.

Shift Symm.two

In Shift Symm.two, a grid structure merges from the artist’s formal language. Simple forms give way to the interplay of multiple moving layers, overlaps and collisions generating dense textures.

Shift Symm.three

The third work in the series, Shift Symm.three, sees stark lines contrast with circular forms, a simultaneous counterpoint of both visuals and sound. The contact of the elliptical and linear shapes echoes the relationship between discrete digital and continuous analogue representation.