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CONCEPT is a web-app artwork revolving around the notion of collectivity: visitors use their smart device to enter an audiovisual digital space. This environment is build up out of ever evolving visuals that respond to the tilting the device and hear a binaural interactive sound environment through headphones.
Visitors place a circle in the digital space by tapping the screen, and are able to merge their circle with other visitors, forming larger circles that react in size and colour to the level of collectivity in the behaviour. The behaviour of the visitors impacts the behaviour of the digital environment, which has its own logic and characteristics. The binaural flock of electromagnetic sound sources reacts to the flocking of the visitors: parameters such as average distance, deviation, speed and position all impact the behaviour and positioning of the sound.

This reciprocal interaction between the human the digital questions our collective behaviour in the digital realm and the relationship between the human and non-human environments. I aim to provoke the visitors to work together in this fully abstract and digital space. was commissioned by STRP Festival 2021.