Forming Folds

Audiovisual, Featured, Installations

Forming Folds is an audiovisual installation focused on researching and expressing the relation between the digital realm and our spatial perception: the digital layer of visible and invisible mechanisms strongly influences our daily perception of time and space. As a result, the digital allows us to expand our perception and knowledge far beyond the human, towards a new form of posthuman sensibility in which space and time collapse.

The installation distorts and reflects the rectangular vistas through which we perceive the digital space by physically rotating the screen and intertwining broken screen aesthetics with filmed surroundings of empty facades. Language, in spoken word and on screen is layered by training an AI on at one hand the poetic writings ‘Species of Spaces’ by George Perec and on the other Wikipedia texts on spatial analysis, generating a new language to approach spatial perception.

Forming Folds is commissioned and co-produced by LI-MA.