Diagram for Pulse Interval | Old Church of Amsterdam


print in custom cabinet, four channel PA, laptop.
four channel sound composition.
site specific version of Pulse Interval, in collaboration with Tim Hollander, for ‘Nieuwe Tijd voor de Oude Kerk’ Amsterdam.
Visual diagram: Tim Hollander
Sound composition: Zeno van den Broek
Implementation: Collaborative


Pulse Interval is a work based on the notion of spatial orientation through sound. by emitting pulse sounds and measuring the duration of the interval between the emitted and the reflected pulse the charateristics of a space can be heard, creating a possibility of orientation.
Pulse Interval is a four channel sound composition based on pulse sounds in a layering of various spaces: the space of the venue,  artificial spaces and recordings of pulses in real spaces, creating and destroying the spatiality of sound. Extended and interactive version with the sound being recorded in the church and played back with a delay, implementing the actual space of the church in the composition. The visual diagram by Tim Hollander is presented as a visual score in a cabinet.