Pulse // Wave // Perspective


Binaural composition: please listen with headphones.

Pulse // Wave // Perspective utilises the spatial and musical characteristics of noise and sine waves and explores the perception of these sound sources from various perspectives. The short composition explores and juxtaposes distinct spaces by playing and placing these sounds in different forms of space: the non-space of the headphones, the real space of a house in Copenhagen and the virtual space of digital reverberation.
The use of white noise pulses and sine waves relates to the musical connotation of rhythm  and melody as well as how we perceive these pure sound sources in relation to space. One can easily locate a white noise pulse in a space and experience the characteristics of this space from the reverberation of the pulse. The sound source of a sine wave, on the other hand, is very hard to locate and while having a strong relation to the space it does not reveal the character of the space. The composition revolves around the interplay of these two supplementary elements and their spatial context, expressing the beauty and richness of the relation between sound and architecture in a minimalistic musical language.