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In the summer of 2014 Gaudeamus brought together audio-visual artist Zeno van den Broek (b. 1982) and composer Gagi Petrovic (b. 1986) and commissioned a large scale composition project. The electro-acoustic piece Ob-literate is the duo’s resulting work for organ, vocal ensemble, electronics and custom […]


Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies – released by The Tapeworm – TTW#111 Tracklist: A1: Untitled A2: Untitled A3: Untitled A4: Untitled B1: Untitled B2: Untitled Order your copy here. Formed in Copenhagen, February 2018, using a modified Ciat-Lonbarde Esoterica Spike Ring. “Typically […]

Cathedral Call | Old Church of Amsterdam

A series of concerts that are both live performances and public sound research focused on the natural frequencies of the Old Church of Amsterdam, the oldest building of the city. silence # 12 | Zeno van den Broek The first concert in the summer series […]


Date: 15-01-2018 Format: CD in A5 artwork limited to 200 / Live audiovisual performance Paranon consists of two compositions based on parameter canons of sine wave generators. The canon is a counterpoint-based compositional technique that creates one or more imitations of a musical movement after […]

Come Closer | Taturo Atzu installation

Location specific live sound performance in the installation ‘The Garden Which is the Nearest to God’ by Taturo Atzu on the roof of the Old Church in Amsterdam, curated by Non-Fiction. I was fascinated by the experience of sound in and around the Oude Kerk. […]

Of What Once Was | Sketches of Siberia

      The track ‘Of What Once Was’ (2011) was used as part of the soundtrack in this beautiful documentary / roadmovie by Ben van Lieshout Diary notes made by Fridtjof Nansen more than a century ago evoke images of the colonization of America […]