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Cathedral Call | Old Church of Amsterdam

A series of concerts that are both live performances and public sound research focused on the natural frequencies of the Old Church of Amsterdam, the oldest building of the city. silence # 12 | Zeno van den Broek The first concert in the summer series […]


Date: 15-01-2018 Format: CD in A5 artwork limited to 200 / Live audiovisual performance Paranon consists of two compositions based on parameter canons of sine wave generators. The canon is a counterpoint-based compositional technique that creates one or more imitations of a musical movement after […]

Shift Symm

Shift Symm Audiovisual album consisting of three movements | Audiovisual performance of 30-40 minutes | Digital album | Released on Establishment: Available as high quality digital video on Sedition, limited to 100 editions per video. Distributed by LIMA. The Shift Symm collection is a series […]


Divergence explores the tension between space and sound induced by their manipulated representation: sounds alter, calibrate and form space while simultaneously the sound is formed and manipulated by the space it is placed in. The album is based on pure sound sources such as sine […]


Convergence TITLE: Convergence LOCATION: SMART Project Space Amsterdam DATE: 19 November 2011 DURATION: 34 minutes BUILDING BLOCKS: Sine waves, modulated waves, piano FIELDS: Northern Germany, Southern Netherlands METHODS: Interference, resonance EFFECTS ON SPACE: Layered > Expanding EFFECTS ON TIME: Cyclical > Current POSTPROCESSING: None COVER: […]